Sunday, July 16, 2017

Resolutions Endorsed by the 2017 Minneapolis DFL Convention

100% Renewables & Energy Access Resolution

WHEREAS the City of Minneapolis has ambitious clean energy goals that will succeed best and most quickly when every resident of the city can participate in achieving those goals AND
WHEREAS Minneapolis residents pay $450 million a year in energy bills, and the city receives $24 million dollars of that money in utility franchise fees AND
WHEREAS none of these franchise fees are currently dedicated to helping residents use less energy or to foster clean energy alternatives AND
WHEREAS operating costs for the Minneapolis Clean Energy Partnership and culturally relevant community outreach regarding energy efficiency and clean energy are both underfunded AND
WHEREAS 16 US cities have committed to achieve 100% renewable energy or renewable electricity standards in the next 15-20 years, AND
WHEREAS bold action to address climate change can close racial equity gaps in health, wealth, and jobs; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that DFL endorsed candidates for Minneapolis City Council Races, Minneapolis Park Board Races, and the Minneapolis Mayors race shall work to secure municipal and utility commitment to and implementation of:
100% Clean Renewable Energy for Minneapolis: The city can move toward this goal in 3 simple steps: 100% clean renewable electricity for Minneapolis city operations by 2021; 100% clean renewable electricity for all energy users in Minneapolis by 2030; and 100% clean renewable energy in all sectors by 2050.
Energy Access for All: Champion efforts to secure inclusive energy financing that allows every resident and business to access energy improvements at no upfront cost without incurring debt, with special attention to opening up access for low income families and renters and training and hiring Minneapolis residents of color to build and maintain energy projects.
Full Funding for the Clean Energy Partnership: Secure dedicated funding for the Clean Energy Partnership that pays for staff, community-led engagement efforts, and other key strategies.

Equitable Workforce Training Resolution

WHEREAS, Minnesota has some of the highest employment, education and skills gaps in the nation for racial minorities; and
WHEREAS, state, regional and local governments have not made sufficient progress in addressing these gaps; and
WHEREAS, there are critical and growing shortages in the skilled workforce needed by renewable energy, energy-efficiency and energy-related businesses; and
WHEREAS, there are well-established career paths for these energy-related jobs and careers which offer high wages with benefits, and are often organized for collective bargaining; and
WHEREAS, the training, education and workforce development programs are not generally accessible to the urban core, and neighborhoods in Minneapolis with high poverty and unemployment; and 
WHEREAS, state and local agencies are investing substantial public resources in renewable energy and energy efficiency, including the purchase of community solar garden subscriptions and projects undertaken under state Energy Savings Guarantee contracting rules; and
WHEREAS, these investments of public dollars often do not include sufficient provisions to assure that a fair portion of these project dollars are affirmatively set aside for minority-, women- and veteran-owned small businesses; therefore

Be It Resolved that: the Minneapolis DFL supports the development in Minneapolis of additional job training and workforce development programs in renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy-related fields that serve low-income and minority populations, including specifically a Multipurpose Training Facility in North Minneapolis.
Be It Further Resolved, that the Minneapolis DFL supports firm requirements that all renewable energy and energy efficiency projects or contracts undertaken by state, regional or local units of government shall include aggressive and mandatory goals for participation by minority-, women- and veteran-owned small businesses;