Thursday, January 24, 2019

Questions for Xcel on their IRP

Questions for Xcel on IRP

● How will your plan help Minnesota meet its greenhouse gas reduction goals?
● Do you plan to retire your coal plants by 2030?
● How are you working to ensure a community transition plan in communities with retiring power plants
that keeps workers and communities whole?
● Do you plan to build new fracked gas plants?
● You are planning to purchase a fracked gas plant in Mankato from Southern Company. How does that help you meet carbon reduction goals and your 100% carbon-free by 2050 goal? Why is that decision happening outside of the Resource Planning process?
● How will your plan support distributed, community-scale renewable energy and not just utility-scale, given the extent that it is something customers want and makes economic sense?
● What do you see as Xcel’s role in ensuring new clean energy jobs are family sustaining jobs?
● How are you working to use Xcel’s huge investment in renewable energy as an opportunity to address racial and economic justice?
● How will this plan help low-income customers lower their bill?
● What is Xcel doing to support electric buses, cars and trucks? How will that be included in your plan?
● Is Xcel Energy planning to do honest cost comparison studies to determine whether a combination of conservation, efficiency, and renewable energy is a lesser cost option than extending the lifetime of
their nuclear plants?
● If Xcel Energy decides to extend the life of the nuclear plants, to what extent will Xcel customers rather
than shareholders be asked to shoulder the risk?
● Is Xcel Energy going to do the distribution level energy modeling that is needed to give an honest
assessment for the possibilities of dispersed and distributed clean energy generation in its 15-year
● To what extent has Xcel made use of the Grid Lab report which shows how Minnesota could retire all of our coal plants, never build a new gas plant and still save people money by investing in clean energy?