Friday, March 23, 2018



So now, we are calling on the College Board to divest from both types of Koch and reinvest in real sweeteners. It could be a smashing success like Stanford, or a “we will arrest you but will not meet with you” situation like we once saw at Harvard.
So, what if the outcome is somewhere in the middle? What if the Board meets with us and responds with: “I think your intentions about putting real sugar into clean energy jobs are so sweet of you. But as far as divestment you are asking for dessert to replace the main course of our fiduciary duties and I am afraid that is too much to ask for. I hear you are in favor of desserts and I understand you feel like you desservt it. But sorry sometimes in life you have got to accept you just can’t have your cake and eat it too.”  Well Excuse me? Excuse me!?
One thing for sure, we can’t let King CONG of the fossil fuel establishment have (its, its, its,) its baked Alaska and eat it too! So somehow having our climate action clean energy jobs cake and eating it too is too much for us to ask for? But the Pollute-o-crats somehow get to have their liar-denier cake-on-fire and eat it too going uninterrupted and not intervened upon? Just No…
The liar-denier pants on fire crowd crafts a cover story of claiming to be just so gushingly sentimental about these traditional jobs hauling oil and coal. But they are oil-coal-haulics. They are power-drunk on the oil-coal-haul that is making Alaska bake while treating our mass transit and clean energy jobs as it they don’t matter.
    And you know what adds in-salt to in-sugary in the process of cooking their Baked Alaska dirty energy jobs cake? It is sweetened with a sugary subsidy-tute that contributes to the Maraschino Cherry red ink budget deficit dessert sauce. You know, the Maraschino cherries are the cherry-picked economic data points, while tar sands are the pits that get extracted.   And for some odd reason this particular budget deficit dessert sauce has become quite a popular hit at Tea Parties across the nation despite their rhetorical opposition to red ink!
You know what the pollute-o-crats are able to accomplish by hiring their sugar daddy lobbying crew? They are able get $6.6 million dollar per day in sugary subsidy-tute dessert sauce for the price of only $440,000 per day. This is a 15 to 1 return on investment! No wonder why divestment is such a heavy lift. 15 to 1! That is not the type of fight for 15 that I am willing to support. No wonder why they are so many oil-coal-haulics who simply can’t resist temptation let alone admit that they even have a problem in the first place.
How about letting the nuclear industry have its enriched yellow cake Uranium and eat it too? It would open up a can of radioactive gummy worms that no insurance company will dare try a sample of. And past attempts at even taking another slice of the yellow cake have resulted in cost overruns the size of Monticello.
Spokesperson after spokesperson from Xcel Energy keeps referring to that enriched yellow cake as something that provides consumers with “a carb-free form of energy”. Have a piece of cake, calories from fat and protein but not from carbs? Hmmm. What they don’t tell you is that the process of enriching the flour for yellow cake is actually a carb-intensive process.
So, what kind of cake do we ask to reinvest in?
Let’s say German Chocolate! This special cake can be baked using solar power even at 52 degrees’ latitude. German Chocolate Cake using the Energiewende recipe is made available in and by special eateries known as feed-in tarrifs. A feed-in tariff is where any customer can get permission to become their own cake baker utility. And that smashes the traditional barrier between consumer and producer; the baker and the birthday candle stick maker so they can invest in the clean cake baking enterprise for the energy-prize!
Not only are feed-in tariffs compatible with a free enterprise economic system. Think of it as a free energy-prize economic system!   

So how about some nifty cake recipes? Remember that US EPA Clean Power Plan? We were in the process of creating an interactive cake recipe book for the health-conscious. For the thousandth time, the Clean Power cake baking plan was not intended to be some top-down, inflexible, micromanaging dictatorship! It was supposed to give each of the 50 states the flexibility to come up with its own unique customized variety of cake.
So, what did the pollute-o-crats not like about it? The Clean Power Cake Baking Plan set a cap on the glycemic index levels that each of the 50 cakes could have.  
 As you know, a cake that is low on the glycemic index provides an energy that will last, be sustainable, and will not burn out so quickly.
On the other hand, a cake high on the glycemic index provides an energy that is unsustainable and will set us up for a massive energy crash in the future.
Well what happened? Well those who profit from selling high-frack-tose corny tar sands syrup tell the big lie that it won’t have that same economic sugar high. It does not matter how flexible or accommodating the recipe book was. The pollute-o-cratic sugar daddies wanted no carb limits whatsoever. And tragically, they somehow managed to get the Supreme Court to rule that we can maybe have our Clean Power Plan cake as long as we save it for later.”   
But that someday never came. Fast forward a year later and someone just ripped out the pages of the recipe book to try to stop it from going into wide distribution.
What happened? Lets’ enter the magic term “Pollute-o-cratic Sugar Daddy”-  and scramble those words around and see what we get…   you have a letter P, a letter U and a letter T. Maybe you can tell where I am going. And the results are:
Scot  Pruit  Rogue Caddy Lad    -
What Rogue Caddy Lad basically means is corporate errand boy, carrying around the big clubs. …It means taking memos from his corporate paymasters and submitting them to the EPA as his own comments. Because the term here is a Caddy Lad, which refers to golfing, that is why I had to knock off the T and the end of his first and last name.         
Another clue is that you can extract coal from the term Rogue Caddy Lad. C O A L
And you can extract oil (from the term Rogue Caddy Lad) by adding in his name. O I L
So, here is what happened. Ok just screw it, screw it all. I hate having to tell this story, let me scramble it some more.
OK, After Pot Scruit took over the agency, he tore apart the Clean Cake Power Plan cookbook all in the name of coal jobs being entitled to have their cake and eat it too and no one else. But for some reason the coal jobs cake has not even turned out that well after baking in the oven, because the recipe process was too mechanized. Actually, the only thing Pot Scruit cooked were the books. He cooked the books!   Are you ready for the one bit of good news from the new administration? They have actually banned one particular deadly ingredient sometimes used in the cake baking industry. They have banned Trans fats! In other words, they BANNED the TRANS Fat-Cif-ic Partnership… But we have to be on the lookout for other ways of clogging the arteries of local democracy and community resilience?
The TPP worm- sucking out the expected future nourishment from our global economic digestive system for its selfish gain. Is it eradicated? Or will another parasite take its place? 
Oh my gosh! There is a page ripped out from the Clean Cake Power Plan recipe book. And it is still intact! Let’s read it and try to follow along and bake something. 
Oh, no I see a problem already.
The baking instructions say… preheat the oven to 350, with that being the maximum allowable temperature. However, I see the oven temp is now just above 404 and still rising! If the oven temp gets to 450, then the climate solutions cake will not turn out well. Conventional wisdom, I mean Convectional wisdom says the cake would be undone on the inside and burned on the outside in short time. Sugary subsidy-tute icing added onto the cake will all melt away and disappear. Reason being, because all the government-provided public funds would go toward bailing people out from one extreme weather disaster after another. 
  We have to cool the oven back down to 350 even as it is on trajectory to creep up to 450. We actually have to go carbon negative. Aha! That is what the Clean Power Plan missed! Climate solutions, it is not just about renewable energy. It is also about agriculture. Planting native prairie grasses is also a climate solution because their huge roots could sequester carbon. That is why it will take a lot of grassroots organizing in order to sequester carbon.